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Spinning Through Life

The Newly reformed Good Girl!

20 April
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I am Ashlei. I am a caffine addict. I love music, except for rap. I'm a vegetarian, except i eat fish so that i wont starve. I'm slightly crazy, and can never sit still. I am a hopeless romantic although i try my best not to let it on. I'm constantly trying to change myself. I love to read. The people at borders recognise me now. I also like to write. I write about everything, most of my stuff is pretty controversial. I agree with the statement "theres no point in writing if your not gonna piss anyone off". I cant wait to go to college. I am obsessed with that 70's show. I love to dance even thought i'm not that good at it. I am in Colorguard and winterguar which are my passions. Ok, thats enough about me! Peace out!