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La de da de da! Wow! i am seriously loosing it (again) My emotions… - Spinning Through Life

Aug. 22nd, 2004

11:00 pm

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La de da de da!
Wow! i am seriously loosing it (again)
My emotions are like all over the place
All day i have been like happy, depressed, hyper, exhausted
Like two seconds ago, i was about to cry
And now i am about to jump around singing
I haventnt been quite this bad since 9th grade
But the funny thing is
I feel absolutely fine
I cant even remember my last breakdown
The last time i cried was like over a month ago
Maybe i'm just becoming detached from my emotions
That wouldnt be such a bad thing

Anyways, enough of my rambling self analysis
Our first game was Friday
We won! 26-14! i cant believe it!
i so thought we were gonna loose miserably
The only bad part is that we were basically naked
Since our full uniforms arent in, we wore this weird spandex thing
I was so uncomfortable the entire time
well, im tired of writing, so i think i might sleep
night night!

Current Mood: Who knows anymore!
Current Music: Dashboard